Thank you for visiting Julie Terrell

Thank you for visiting the new website for Julie Terrell Interior Design! It’s been a busy several years and I am excited to share my work and journey as a designer with you.

By way of a little background: I have always loved the creative process and this has taken on many forms in my life. I studied art and art history formally, but I have always been a maker of things. Over the years I have cross stitched, smocked, sewed, and made paper. Two of my longer and larger pursuits involved wax and clay. Back in 1996, my mom and I made 90 hand-poured candles using molds for my sister’s wedding. This was a bigger project than we anticipated and took months of wax melting and pouring in the kitchen, and water baths in the tub. Around 2002, I set up a small studio at home and created hand-built ceramic sculptures that were sold at A’mano, a local boutique in Mountain Brook, Alabama. I enjoy working with my hands and have tapped into many creative outlets along the way.

When renovating our kitchen in 2004, I discovered my passion for design. I decided to go back to school for interior design and started my own business in 2009. Over the last 10 years I have designed a range of homes and even several offices for professionals as well. What I love most about design is working with clients to help them create interiors that support their lives and work. I even embrace the tedious details required to make a project come together.

Finding beautiful products that create a layered and livable home also gives me joy. Like any good interior designer, I seek out new products and companies and manufacturing who have capabilities in custom, all to find or to create just the right piece for a project.

After a decade of design work I launched Mayfair South, an online boutique of some of my favorite products for the home sourced from trade design markets. I quickly realized that the idea of an online shop was a very different reality than running one and in order to be successful at it, I would require my attention full-time.

Happily, my design business had continued to flourish. Craving the well-balanced life and home that I strive to give clients, I shuttered Mayfair South to focus my energies on interior design.

I am grateful for the clarity this experience provided me. I am a creator at heart and thrive on expressing ideas in new ways and in working with talented artisans to create custom pieces for my client’s homes. I feel light, free, inspired, and excited about the future. Stay tuned for future updates. I hope you’ll follow along!